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C-1/B NaurusChowrangi, S.I.T.E, S.I.T.E Town, Karachi




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(021) 111-775-775
(021) 111-775-775

Ethnic Chutnies

Not to be confused with its distant cousins, the jams, this chutney adds a delightful tanginess to any meal. Speckled with fresh spices and herbs, the Plum Chutney will surely make you take your food seriously.
The familiar deep green color of this chutney reminds us of nature at its best. The blend of mint leaves with fresh lime and green chillies in rock salt, this chutney is simply delicious. With the typical slow realization of the chilli onto the taste buds, this traditional chutney is nothing less than mouth-watering.
Peeled and sliced, raw mango, suspended in thick aromatic sauce, the making of the perfect mango chutney is an ancient secret. This flavor brings with it the nostalgia of the monsoon season, and the taste of tradition. The mango chutney is a perennial favorite.
Studded with an array of fruits and spices like jewels on a robe, the Shahi Chutney is a delectable creation. True to its name, this chutney can be a worthy adornment for any plate. Also reap the health benefits of the natural ingredients.
Made from pulpy tamarind and seasoned with our own recipe of spices, even the aroma of this chutney enriches the gastronomic experience. Our Imli Chutney is created to delight palates all over the world.
The burst of green chili peppers in the mouth is the epitome of culinary adventure. Only a few have bottled it better than us. A long-time favorite of South Asian palates, this chutney enhances the pleasure of any cuisine.

Exotic Sauces

The Piri Piri sauce is CHATKHAAR’s latest mouth-watering star. This sauce, made with the African bird’s eye chilli, will make a fiery impression on your palate, and leave you wanting more. CHATKHAAR’s Piri Piri sauce is an authentic Portuguese recipe that will add a distinctly European zing to every bite.
A delicious spin on the unmatchable flavor of garlic. It combines the natural flavor of garlic mixed with coarsely grinded, chopped black pepper and rock salt with a hoard of other spices.
Sweet, without being cloying and spicy without being harsh, this chutney is for the sensitive yet adventurous taste buds. A hint of garlic with a zap of chili, this sauce is the impeccable treat for your taste buds.
The creamier and sweeter relative of the regular mustard. The sharp taste of mustard compliments the natural sweetness of honey perfectly. The honey mustard adds a tasty dimension to your culinary experience making it unforgettable.

Premium Pickles in 100 Percent Olive Oil

Premium, hand-picked seedless green chillies, peeled raw and Boneless mango, carrots finely diced and mixed in the perfect ratio with our secret recipe of spices and other vegetables, our pickle will surely make a lasting impression on your taste buds. Makes every bite of your meal, an EXPERIENCE.
Boneless and seedless Lisoora, cleaned and cut in quarters for every slice to have its unique sourish flavour to bring out the best in your bite !
Cloves of garlic, finely sliced, marinated and mixed with CHATKHAAR’s recipe of spices. A definite for garlic lovers
As the name says it, a very hot pickle with nothing but sliced green chillies and a blend of CHATKHAAR spices for the flaming hot lovers.
First in Pakistan, the pickle is for Olive lovers. It brings the Mediterranean touch to your Asian palate. very good for health and heart.
100% Chicken Breast meat, boneless, shredded, marinated and mixed in a blend of chatkhaar spices. Its not anything like you have ever tasted before. Its the evolution of Pickles. All in 100% Olive Oil.
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About Chatkhaar
Owned and backed by the 50 years legacy of Naurus Pvt Ltd, CHATKHAAR is Pakistan’s most premium and upscale brand, offering a versatile range of sauces, chutneys and pickles made in 100% Olive Oil. CHATKHAAR was launched in only 2012, and has since risen to become Pakistan’s most premium brand, selling the range of authentic, versatile, sauces, chutneys, and pickles.

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